4 steps to improve internal networking
in less than 5 minutes.

Setting up campaign of micro-events

  •  Define the profiles

  •  How many employees per event

  •  The period over which the events will take place

Employees get invitations

  •  The algorithm matches the profiles with the availabilities

  •  Invitations are sent (on the app and by e-mail)

  •  After each event, surveys are automatically sent

  •  Employees can easily access their network

Face to face interaction

  •  Meet new colleagues

  •  Integrate into the company’s culture

  •  Improve team-spirit

  •  Increase informal network

Realtime statistics

The campaign manager receives all feedback and data
in real time on the platform through chart and graphs.

  •  Automatic quantitative data

  •  Qualitative data through ratings and surveys

  •  Detailed info per department, age, site, seniority, etc.

Choose the objective of the campaign

LUNCH  foster the creation of new links between colleagues.

OFFICE BAR/COFFEE CORNER  use it to create new contacts.

SPONSORING  distribute sponsored gifts.

COMPANY INFRASTRUCTURE  leverage the use of the company facilities.

FOOTING/YOGA  take care of employee’s wellbeing.

TRAINING  manage the scheduling & the profile of the participants.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT  integrate new technology/processes in your organisation.

CEO BREAKFAST  Invite certain profiles to have a breakfast with one specific person.

ONBOARDING  introduce newcomers to the company culture and to their colleagues.

INTEGRATE RETAILERS  Integrate your retail staff amongst point of sales.

BUILD PROJECT TEAMS  select the profiles that you need and watch your teams bloom.

SHARE BEST PRACTICES  invite Seniors to share best practices with Juniors.

BRAINSTORMING  test new products and widen your pool of ideas.